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Tamil School

தமிழ் கல்விக்கூடம்

Tamil School Update

For 2017-18 Tamil School Academic year, classes will be started soon..!! Please wait for further announcement..!!

Minimum age limit is 5 years old [KG & above in regular school system]

Teaching Grades  : Malazhai, Nilai -0,1, 2, 3 & 4

For additional details, please send mail to school@midsouthtamilsangam.org 

Our Tamil School

Teachers: (2016-17 Team)

  • Sudha Narayanan & Sudha Meenakshi [Malazhai/Nilai-0]
  • Sabitha Madhu & Radha Kalyan[Grade/Nilai-1]
  • Vijayalakshmi Prabu & Hema Vijay[Grade/Nilai-2]
  • Jai Balasubramanian & Narasimhan Saptharishi[Grade/Nilai3]
  • Narayanan Magudapathy & Prabu Raghupathi [Grade/Nilai4]
  • Sowmya Ganeshram & Aiswarya Jayaraman [Cultural Teachers]
School Principal                      : Duraikkannan Muthusamy
School Vice Principal              : Purushothaman Damodaran

Information For Parents And Students

  • MSTS Tamil School is an affiliated school of American Tamil Academy
  • MSTS currently conduct classes for Nilai 0,1, 2 , 3 & 4 Grades 
  • Rules, Regulations & Admission Policy
    • Kids attending school (KG and above) are welcome
    • Classes will be taught by volunteer teachers of Mid-South Tamil Sangam
    • Tutor Volunteers are welcome




ப‌ள்ளி மாண‌வ‌ர்க‌ளின் 'செம்மொழியான தமிழ் மொழியாம்'

Students of Sangam Tamil School performing "Semmozhiyaana Thamizh Mozhiyaam" at CG2013

Students At Pongal Vizha 2013


Our Class Photo - 2012

Why Tamil School..

  • To teach our Kids as what we know, i.e. to read, write and speak in Tamil. This will help them to mingle with the local people when they go to India.
  • To explain the Tamil culture and traditions especially Pongal, Diwali and other Festivals.
  • To train them for discipline, interaction and communication for their own welfare and for our Tamil speaking community. As every community has their own identity, Tamil will unite us and will give strength and harmony.
  • Lastly, a tongue twister challenge in Tamil.


School System Access

Follow this link for the School System Access
(Restricted access only - need userid and password)


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