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Welcome to Mid-South Tamil Sangam Website...

தென்-மத்திய தமிழ்ச்சங்க இணையதளத்திற்கு வருக...

Msts Youth Committee

MSTS Executive Team is so excited to announce our First Elected MSTS 2017 Youth Committee. 
Youth Committee Co-ordinator: Anitha Balakrishnan
President     -  Rupali Venkatesan
Vice President   -  Siby Suriyan
Cultural Secretary -  Aadavan Elangovan
Secretary   -  Bharat Jothilingam
Sports Secretary  -  Ambalavanan Saravanakumar
Our sincere thanks to the parents for their encouragement.

Tamil Nadu Foundation Memphis Chapter

Dear Tamil Sangam Friends,

We are excited to announce the formation of Tamil Nadu foundation Memphis Chapter.

Here are the list of Memphis chapter committee members:

1. Saravanakumar Shanmugam (Chairperson)
2. Narasimhan Saptharishi (Secretary)
3. Valliappan Somasundaram (Treasurer)
4. Ramanathan Chidambaram (committee member)
5. Balakrishnan Ramachandran Committee member)

Our Memphis Chapter Facebook page is - https://www.facebook.com/TNFMemphisChapter
Our Chapter website is - http://tnfusa.org/chapter/memphis-chapter/

Life Members from Memphis area are:

1. Ramanathan Chidambaram
2. Saravanakumar Shanmugam
3. Ramachandran Balakrishnan
4. Valliappan Somasundaram
5. Narasmihan Saptharishi
6. Swamy Alagiri
7. Kumar A
8.Chidambaram Kalyanakumar

We are looking forward to work with you to help the underprivileged in Tamil Nadu and in linking the next generation American Tamil community with their roots.

We are planning for a big event in Memphis during summer of 2017 to support TNF. We will be sending out email regarding this as we get closer to the event.
Please click the link below for new membership


Kalyanakumar chidambaram
TNF Memphis Chapter Founder

Tamil School

Sangam Tamil School

***Please check Tamil School Section for more details...!!

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